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Feb 2020

Report: Cybersecurity Trends for 2020

What attacks are we going to see over the next few months? What technologies will be most important in relation to cyber security? We tell you in this new report.

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APTualizer (II): tools to detect and remove the Necurs rootkit

Second part of the report on APTualizer, the malware that patches Windows. In this issue, we look at Necurs, a giant malicious botnet that controls around 6 million infected computers around the world.

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Trend Report: Hacktivist Cyberthreats 2019

The threats of so-called hacktivism became very important during the last year supporting ideological movements. In this report we highlight the most relevant ones.

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ElevenPaths Radio: Interview with Mario García

We return with our interviews in podcast, this time we spoke with the Country Manager Iberia of Check Point, one of the largest providers of cyber security networks in the world.

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Global DDoS Threat Report

Global telco Security Alliance members created this report about global DDoS trends.

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Jan 2020

IT and Women employment

Interview with our CSE Carmen Torrano as an expert of Blockchain talking about the importance of women in the technology sector.

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Dec 2019

ElevenPaths Radio: Interview with Pilar Vila

Everything that surrounds the figure of the forensic computer expert in this podcast interview with our CSE and CEO of Forensics&Security.

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Nov 2019

Security Innovation Day Brazil

The first Brazilian version of our annual cybersecurity innovation event has arrived.

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Keys to cybersecurity in the cloud

Our expert Rames Sarwat gives the keys to cloud security in this article along with several industry experts.

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Chema Alonso, IA, Big Data and digital evolution

Interesting interview with our Chairman in which he highlights how Telefónica is leading the digital transformation based on the value of data.

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Security Innovation Day 2019

The biggest event on innovation in cybersecurity is back, in which we will present the latest news we are working on.

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Oct 2019

Digitization, the antidote to deceleration

Telefonica is the only European company that offers all the technologies and services of digitalization, with ElevenPaths as a reference in security.

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The future is digital

Our expert Yaiza Rubio, visits Ourense to present to the students of the IES Blanco Amor what will be their future work and technology.

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Sep 2019

Introducing Stela FileTrack

Discover in this video Telefónica’s commitment to bring together in one offer all the tools and solutions for document security from the hand of our expert Victor Mundilla.

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New tool: Masked Extension Control (MEC), don’t trust Windows extensions

Windows relies too much on extensions to choose the program that must process a file. MEC is our open-source response to solve this, since each file is opened with the appropriate program and consequently the risk of exploiting vulnerabilities due

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Safety in the use of big data

David Prieto, Head of Risk, Compliance, Identity & Fraud Services participates in this conference under the slogan “Cybersecurity as the main axis of Big Data”.

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What do we do at ElevenPaths?

Discover, together with Isabel López, how we manage to keep up to date in innovation and development of new products.

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Trend Report: Binary Leaks

Our CSA team analyzes the current security status of applications provided by Spanish-speaking governments.

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ElevenPaths Talks: Privacy?

Resolve all your doubts about data privacy in this new webinar hand in hand with our CSAs.

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ElevenPaths Radio: Interview with Jesús Milán Lobo

In this new interview with the CISO of Santander Mexico we talk about the future of cybersecurity, its beginnings and the current position of the CISO in the company.

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Aug 2019

ElevenPaths Talks: Car Hacking

Discover in this webinar, directed by our CSA Claudio Caracciolo, all the details about the new world of car hacking.

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Jul 2019

Internet security, a matter of awareness

The Internet is becoming increasingly important in people’s lives, but basic safety advice and recommendations are still ignored.

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The other car safety

Claudio Caracciolo, Head of the Innovation Laboratory in Argentina, explains the vulnerabilities to which connected cars are exposed.

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A team to transform Telefónica

The telco accelerates its digital transformation plan to become a company data centric.

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