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Oct 2020

Security Innovation Days 2020

Our annual cybersecurity innovation event is here, this time 100% online and for three days. Don’t miss it!

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Interview with Vicente Segura

Interesting conversation between our expert, Head of IoT Security, and the Centre for Industrial Cybersecurity.

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Sep 2020

Ready for change

In this article, our VP for IR and Strategic Investment, Raúl Riesco, analyses the cyber-security sector in Spain and the current demand for professionals.

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ElevenPaths Radio: Interview with Helena Matute

What is the relationship between psychology and cybersecurity? We talk about cognitive biases with this expert in experimental psychology from the University of Deusto.

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Aug 2020

Jul 2020

No More Ransom is four years old

Fourth anniversary of this initiative, led by Europol, of which we are a part, contributing several tools to fight ransomware.

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COVID-19: Insight from the Telco Security Alliance

Three of the members of the TSA have joined together to create this report through their respective cybersecurity units. The report covers noteworthy discoveries related to COVID-19 in the cyber domain.

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Jun 2020

VCryptor: one less ransomware to fear

From the Innovation and Laboratory area, they have developed this tool to decrypt files that are prey to this malware within the #NoMoreRansom initiative of which we are part.

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ElevenPaths Radio: Interview with David Marugán

Can a radio communication be hacked? We talk about security in conventional channels with David Marugán, security consultant and specialist in electronic security and radio communications.

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May 2020

ElevenPaths Radio: Interview with Manuel Bruscas

What kind of dangers do our children face when they surf the Internet? How can we protect them? We ask Manuel Bruscas, Qustodio’s Vice President of Product, in this new podcast.

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ElevenPaths Radio: Interview with Yaiza Rubio

In this episode we review the cyber attacks that are proliferating with the excuse of the coronavirus and how to protect ourselves against them with our expert in cyber security.

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Apr 2020

ElevenPaths Radio: Interview with Ryan Kalember

We speak with Proofpoint’s Vice President of Cybersecurity Strategy about the importance of changing the mindset on cyber security.

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Mar 2020

Covid-19 also infects the network

The main cyberthreats arising from the coronavirus, analyzed by our expert David Pieto in this interesting article.

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Cyber Security with Children

Protect the little ones in the house by implementing these simple practices.

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Online Shopping Security Tips

When making purchases on the Internet we have to take into account several aspects. In this infographic we leave you some advices so that you buy with security.

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Cyber security news with our CSAs: Secure Homeworking

If you work from home there are certain safety measures you should take. Discover them with our CSA Diego Espitia in this new chapter of our podcast.

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ElevenPaths Radio: Interview with Juan Cobo

We talk about the day-to-day running of the CISO, its responsibilities and challenges with Ferrovial’s safety officer.

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