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Aug 2019

Jul 2019

Internet security, a matter of awareness

The Internet is becoming increasingly important in people’s lives, but basic safety advice and recommendations are still ignored.

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The other car safety

Claudio Caracciolo, Head of the Innovation Laboratory in Argentina, explains the vulnerabilities to which connected cars are exposed.

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A team to transform Telefónica

The telco accelerates its digital transformation plan to become a company data centric.

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Jun 2019

Code Talks for Devs: Business Card Reader

In this new webinar, experts from the Crazy Ideas team at CDO tell us about the business cards of the future and their applications.

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ElevenPaths Radio

We premiered our podcast with an interview with our Chairman, Chema Alonso.

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May 2019

GDPR and LOPDGDD: from theory to practice

Telefónica’s Second Privacy Meeting, at which we will address questions about the new regulations and how they are being implemented.

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Apr 2019

Security Innovation Day Andalucía 2019

Our cybersecurity reference event reaches the south. First edition of #SIDandalucia, the ElevenPaths innovation event of the year for cybersecurity professionals.

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PsicoWifi Mobile

Introducing new proof of concept! Innovation and Laboratory have developed this test, a comprehensive manager of WiFi security that adds the mobile component to its predecessor.

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ElevenPaths Talks: IoT Security

ElevenPaths Talks are back! Our webinars created by the CSAs are back in their 5th season, don’t miss this first installment on security in IoT environments.

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Mar 2019

RootedCON 2019

Tenth edition of the RootedCON, one of the most important events on cybersecurity in Spain, in which in addition to lectures and presentations will be training activities and bootcamps for the most advanced. Several of our experts will be present.

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iBombShell: pentesting anywhere

The second entry of the third season will feature Pablo González Pérez as speaker, whose title is iBomb Shell: pentesting anywhere you can learn what iBombShell is, its features and how it is created.

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A un clic de las TIC, in conversation with our CEO

Pedro Pablo Pérez talks about the security trends for this year, new challenges in cybersecurity and how we work to face threats from our SOCs.

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Elevenpaths official launch in Brazil

Through this event, Vivo introduces officially the enhancement of their cybersecurity services, since they have integrated all Elevenpaths capacities into their portfolio.

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ElevenPaths arrives in Brazil to strengthen Vivo

Our brand arrives in Brazil to reinforce the portfolio of solutions oriented to the corporate segment and to expand the company’s participation in the Brazilian market.

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Are companies spying on us? By Deepak Daswani

Interesting article from our CSA Deepak Daswani about one of the most worrying issues in today’s multi-connected society: privacy and the supposed constant espionage to which we are subjected.

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RSA Conference 2019

For the fourth consecutive year, we participate in the big cybersecurity event. We will showcase our technologies that facilitate and enhance today’s privacy and identity security challenges.

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Feb 2019

Cesur Conference 2019

Pedro Pablo Pérez, the ElevenPaths’ CEO, will take part in this conference on cybersecurity at the company, that will be closed by Juanma Moreno, the President of the Junta de Andalucía.

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Clipper, stealing Bitcoins from the clipboard

The CSA Diego Espitia has drafted this article on cybernetics incidents due to the use of cryptocurrencies. In the article he also mentions the CriptoClipWatcher tool, that detects when a wallet address is copied to the clipboard.

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Carry out your cybersecurity project with Telefónica

The Telefónica’s Red de Cátedras has launched the 1st edition of TUTORÍA (in Spanish, Tutorización Universitaria para la Transferencia Orientada mediante Retos de Innovación Avanzada) jointly with ElevenPaths.

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The headquarters that shake cybercriminals

Telefónica and Gradiant are working on integrated solutions against cybercrime within the framework of TEGRA, the research center that will make Galicia a landmark in cybersecurity.

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How cyberattacks will evolve in 2019

Our CEO Pedro Pablo Pérez has made a number of statements for the SIC magazine, pointing out that “the sophisticated attacks formerly targeted against the governments, now will be used against private companies”.

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Jan 2019

Benefits of PAM Solutions to Mitigate Security Gaps

The use of privileged accounts is a business risk, as they facilitate access to the systems, infrastructures and applications of any organization.

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Dec 2018

Twitter botnets detection in sports events

We have analyzed two different Twitter conversations and identified the behavior of several groups of profiles with automatic and non-standard activity.

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Wanted women (and girls) hackers

In Spain, only 25% of engineering students are women, and this figure drops to 12% in computer science. In CDO we want to change this: we are looking for women (and girls) hackers.

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Nov 2018

New Proof of Concept: psicoWiFi

PsicoWiFi (Privacy & Security, Internet Connections Optimizer WiFi) is a Wi-Fi security integral manager with different functionalities. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

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Málaga becomes the capital of cybersecurity thanks to CyberCamp

The well-known building in Málaga “Tabacalera” hosts this high-level national event intended to encourage the responsible use of new technologies and to teach on the usage of the Internet. Pablo González will take part in it.

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Can we avoid a cyberattack?

EnRed interviews our cybersecurity expert Yaiza Rubio about cyberattacks, one of the new threats against global security.

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Purchase securely from your mobile device

Fabian Chiera, Chief Security Ambassador, shares some precautions to be considered for these peak-transaction dates over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Global Banking Cyber Report

This report aims to give an overview of some of the digital threats for one of the most trusted and important industries: the banking industry.

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The mobile revolution in business

The expert Marcos Arjona participates in Marbella Mobile Day 2018 talking about blockchain and the opportunities it generates for companies allowing to eliminate intermediaries in transactions.

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mASAPP Online

Our vulnerability analysis and behavioural check for mobile apps product is available for purchase via PayPal.

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