ElevenPaths Jam Sessions


The first Meet & Greet with top executives from the companies with which we have signed a strategic security alliance.

Renowned executives. The best partners in the industry. Only 30 guests. Live coverage. Offbeat. Join the TOP Executives from the most cutting-edge technology companies in the cybersecurity sector. Here come ElevenPaths Jam Sessions, our new, free security sessions. Exclusively online. Are you ready?

ElevenPaths Jam Sessions

ElevenPaths Jam Sessions

Special guest: Greg Day

On February 1st we celebrated a new Jam Session with our star guest, Greg Day, VP & CSO EMEA at Palo Alto Networks, who showed the state-of-the art in cybersecurity to comply the new European Regulation about Data Protection (NIS & GDPR).

Greg Day has 25 years of experience in the area of information security and is a well known Speaker at RSA, Black Hat and Infosecurity. Currently he sits on the UK National Crime Agency steering committee, the UK-CERT/CISP advisory team and the VFORUM research community. He has formerly held the position of vice chair of the techUK cyber security group, and has been a member of the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime.

Before joining Palo Alto Networks, Greg was VP & CTO EMEA at FireEye and worked in senior strategy and intelligence roles for McAfee and Symantec.

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ElevenPaths Jam Sessions

In the previous Jam Sessions…

Special guest: Hugh Thompson

On October 5 we carried out our latest Jam Session with Hugh Thompson, Chief Technology Officer at Symantec + Blue Coat, he is considered as one of the "Top 5 Most Influential Thinkers in IT Security".

Dr. Hugh Thompson is a leading force in the information security industry. He has more than a decade of experience creating methodologies that help organizations build demonstrably more secure systems. He has co-authored four books, written more than 80 academic and industrial publications on security, has been a contributor to The New York Times, and has been interviewed by top news organizations including the BBC, CNN, NPR, Financial Times, Washington Post, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and others.

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ElevenPaths Jam Sessions

Special guest: Lee Klarich

In this first session, we will be in the presence of Lee Klarich, Product Management Executive Vice President of Palo Alto Networks. We will discuss security platform integration and automation.

Lee Klarich brings a strong track record in network security product management to Palo Alto Networks. Lee was Director of Product Management for Juniper Networks, where was he responsible for firewall/VPN platforms and software. He joined Juniper Networks through the NetScreen Technologies acquisition, where he managed the same product line. Prior to NetScreen Technologies, Lee held various positions at Excite@Home and Packard Bell-NEC.

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ElevenPaths Jam Sessions