May 2014

RENATA Conference. Colombia

The importance of digital security. Chema Alonso participates in an open and free conference with RENATA organization Bogota.

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HangoutON. Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking or hacker ethic, more than a concept is a philosophy of life based on passion for information and helping the community. By Pablo González, Project Manager at ElevenPaths.

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DragonJAR Security Conference 2014

A safety switch for your digital life , by Leonardo Huertas, Chief Security Ambassador at ElevenPaths (Colombia).

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US Cybercrime Conference

Undermine cyber-crime revenue model by Latching accounts of digital services, by Christopher Adelman, Chief Security Ambassador at ElevenPaths (USA).

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Apr 2014

Mundo Hacker Day 2014

The future of security: Industry Trends, users and organizations. Moderator: Pedro Pablo Pérez García, Head of Telefónica Cybersecurity and Business Development Director at ElevenPaths.

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ISF Brazil SP

Cyber Security new threats require new approaches. International Business & its challenges: How Terra deals with new opportunities and new threats. By Leandro Bennaton, Chief Security Ambassador in ElevenPaths (Brazil).

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Hackers UMA Week

Conference: Malware and prevention techniques without antivirus in Windows, by Sergio de los Santos. Workshop: Anonymity Techniques on the Net, by Tero de la Rosa.

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Telefónica Leadership Conference

A world of Innovation, by Chema Alonso, David del Val and Gonzalo Martín-Villa moderated by Ricardo Amorim.

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Mar 2014

Master Class Hacking “U”

By Chema Alonso. The number of digital identities that identify us and are part of us grows more and more. They have personal, private, confidential data or store large data of personal importance, such as photos, messages or documents.

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Troopers 2014

How I Latch on Me and Protect My Digital Life against Passwords. By Chema Alonso, CEO at ElevenPaths.

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RootedCon 2014

 Playing and Hacking with Digital Latches. By Chema Alonso, CEO at ElevenPaths.

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Pentesting with FOCA. By Chema Alonso, CEO at ElevenPaths.

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Feb 2014


Latch Your Digital Life or Die! By Chema Alonso, CEO at ElevenPaths.

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Smart Living Marbella

Safety technology in intelligent environments. By Chema Alonso, CEO at ElevenPaths.

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“Latch: Protecting digital identities” Cycle X UPM TASSI 2014 Madrid

Now available on the YouTube channel of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the first conference of the cycle X UPM TASSI 2014, Advanced Security and Information Society Issues. More info and other conferences on the 2014 TASSI Criptored page.

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Microsoft Tech Day

Latch on your .NET digital lives!

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Jan 2014

Cyber Defense Seminar

Cyber ​​espionage in the XXI century. By David Barroso, CTO at ElevenPaths.

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Dec 2013

Telefónica Innovation Security Day 2013

Innovation, our path to make your life simpler an more secure. Jornadas de innovación en seguridad. Participan José Cerdán, CEO de Acens; Zaryn Dentzel, CEO de Tuenti; Chema Alonso, Jesús Milán, Pedro Pablo Pérez y otros expertos en seguridad de

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Cybersecurity, a national strategic factor. Malware in GooglePlay, by David Barroso, CTO of ElevenPaths.

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Nov 2013


Conference 8: CyberSegurity 2.0. By Chema Alonso, CEO at ElevenPaths.

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