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Under Attacked Network by Arsene Laurent and Claudio Caracciolo.

March 9, 2017. Arsene Laurent, our Chief Security Ambassador in USA, Claudio Caracciolo, our CSA in Argentina and a special guest debated on the latest DDos techniques and gave some tips and prevention techniques. Play the video!

11Paths Talks: Under Attacked Network

While denial-of-service attacks had once ceased or were considered under control, in the last few years we have seen how they are trying again through attacks from common protocols such as NTP and DNS. However, what was most surprising at the end of 2016 were the attacks generated from IoT devices Botnets, making us think how easy it is to execute attacks at network level and the fragility we face in deployed infrastructures, especially considering that even in many of the new deployments with new protocols on new architectures, we already know vulnerabilities that could affect the services offered.

This is why in this webinar we talked about the different types of network attacks, how botnets affect these schemes and above all, what are the most common protection solutions for these scenarios.


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