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The War Against Ransomware by Pablo San Emeterio and Claudio Caracciolo.

February 23, 2017. In this first webinar of the third season of ElevenPaths Talks our CSAs Pablo San Emeterio and Claudio Caracciolo with a special guest talked about the evolution, challenges and existing solutions to fight against ransomware. Watch the video now!

11Paths Talks: The war against Ransomware

For some years now, companies and individuals have been victims of a type of attack that is especially virulent and lucrative for those who perpetrate it. This attack is named Ransomware after the union of two other words: “ransom”, which is a price paid for a rescue, and “ware”, which refers to software. This type of malicious software aims to seize the files that a company or individual has in their computer systems, preventing access to them by encrypting them and by requesting an economic amount in exchange for their recovery -usually the means of payment are Bitcoins.

In this webinar we talked about their origins and the evolution they have undergone before reaching the current versions, including curious cases and some research done by our specialists, as well as the mechanisms we have in order to avoid being the victims of this type of attack.


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