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The Inevitable Evolution of Managed Security by Jorge Rivera and Rames Sarwat.

October 26, 2017. Learn in this webinar with our experts Jorge Rivera and Rames Sarwat, together with a special guest, about Managed Security and the evolution to the concept of Intelligent MSSPs. Sign up for the webinar!

Some of the strategic factors are forcing the redefinition of the managed security concepts and leading to the “reconfiguration” of the main service providers due to the complexity of being able to define a perimeter to the network of an organization for its defense (mainly as far as mobility and cloud computing are concerned), as well as the increasing complexity of the processes of organizations in both IT and OT, or the incredible growth of advanced persistent threats (APT) around the world, or the fact that attackers change their evasion tactics just as quickly (or even more) as corporations implement protections.

At this point in particular, it is not possible to maintain the current focus of management of security services. Everyday reality has shown that there´s room and space for improvement; for example, by identifying undetected threats that have affected the perimeters of an organization by moving sideways across the environments and expanding their capabilities with innovative internal or external resources. How is the challenge? In the webinar, we discussed about the evolution to the concept of Intelligent MSSPs. Don’t miss it!

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