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The Hidden Face of Steganography by Pablo San Emeterio and Carlos Ávila

November 9, 2017. Our CSAs Pablo San Emeterio and Carlos Ávila, together with a special guest, will reveal Steganography techniques and tools to find out the hidden information in several formats even protocols. Register now and take note!

It’s well known that steganography is the area that deals with the study and application of techniques that hide messages or objects within other messages or objects (called carriers) so that they are not detected. The very concept of steganography comes from the Greek word steganos, which means covered or hidden, and graphos, which means writing. An example of this type of technique (and perhaps of the best-known type of steganography) is to hide a message among the bits of an image in such a way that in the event that the image were to be intercepted by a third party, they would only see the image, not the message hidden in it. However, steganography has many edges associated with the concept of hiding information in different formats and even protocols, including traditional network protocols such as TCP/IP.

In this new webinar, we will analyze the most common techniques nowadays, which tools can we find, we also will learn if they are infallible or if traffic analysis tools can detect them… We will understand what happens when analyzing a carrier with a forensic tool, and will learn the most common real uses that we can find today.

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