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Something Strange Happens in my Network

June 14, 2018. Join this webinar in which we will talk about issues related to Yara Rules and market tools to keep our browsers safe. Do you want to know more? Don't miss out!

11Paths Talks: Something Strange Happens in my Network

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The traffic that is transmitted through our network, is not always ours. Sometimes there are some bad intentions which take place, through malware or code injection techniques in our browsers. Which cause our computers to have connections to places which we do not want, or even process information that we want to keep between us.

There are many tools in the market, but there are few who understand them. So during this #11PathsTalks we will talk about topics such as the Yara Rules, but we will also expand on what has been said within the past (link below) and post (link below) #11PathsTalks. Which will be presented with examples and demonstrations, talking about specific cases. We will also try to give several different perspectives to this topic, which include the detection of attacks via JS.

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