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Smart Contract, an Interesting Use of Blockchain

May 3, 2018. In this #11PathsTalks we will approach in a practical way and with demonstrations, the foundations of the Smart Contracts. This will include the main security recommendations at the time of designing and coding them, as well as different techniques of code audit and contract verification. We will also see cases of practical and real uses where this technology is already being used successfully. Learn with our CSAs!

11Paths Talks: Smart Contract, an Interesting Use of Blockchain

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As the first and most important blockchain that was developed, Bitcoin, which contains the word “coin” in its name, has contributed greatly to being identified only as virtual money. Though, as we have already seen in the previous #11PathsTalks (links below), nothing can be further from reality. The technology of block chains goes far beyond simple monetary transactions.

The clearest example is the Smart Contracts, which are built from source code like any other program and can adopt any imaginable functionality. Which includes the virtual breeding of kittens with CryptoKitties that collapsed the Ethereum network in its boom at the beginning of the year. Also, the development of electronic voting systems or “notarial certifications” of business processes, to the creation of other currencies in the form of tokens, where a flaw in their coding can even divide the blockchain itself as happened with The DAO.

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