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Security in Mobile Telephony Systems by Claudio Caracciolo and Rames Sarwat.

November 23, 2017. Do we know how Mobile Security System works? Our experts Claudio Caracciolo and Rames Sarwat will talk with a special guest about common attacks to GSM, 3G, LTE, etc. Learn with our experts!

“Telephone tapping”, “SIM cloning”, “IMEI modification”, “false base stations”, “signal interception”, “telephone metadata” and “signal blockers” are surely concepts that quickly come to any of our minds when someone asks us how safe is mobile telephony. However, do we really know how it works?

Many imagine that interception or SIM cloning attacks are incredibly simple to perform and that the level of today’s attacks is very high, and in this new webinar we cannot help but address this issue. However, in order to analyze the security of the mobile telephony implementations, it is necessary to review the infrastructures, to know more about the protocols, to better understand key concepts such as “cell” or “Base Station”, and then analyze potential attacks, degrees of difficulty and possible protections. Understanding in order to protect is one of those premises that we must never forget.

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