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Security Forces and CyberCrime by Jorge Rivera and Carlos Ávila

December 21, 2017. Closing the third season of ElevenPaths Talks, we present a webinar about Security Forces status to fight against cybercrime. Join our CSAs Jorge Rivera and Carlos Ávila. Last call to learn from the experts!

A long time ago, some security or civil protection forces saw the need to form specialized areas in CyberCrime, while other forces started only a few years ago, and others have not even started on the subject. Although many think that the investigations of these forces are carried out just like in the show CSI Cyber, the reality of the police is really far from these situations, especially if we take into account basic issues such as the training time of members in the matter, the number of staff with the necessary knowledge and dedication, the resources they are provided with, and above all, the increasing number of cases related to cybercrime.

Security forces often deal with cases of couple’s relationship problems (one stole identity from the other for the sake of revenge), of boys doing cyberbullying, of porn-revenge cases, to cases that increase in complexity, such as mass scams, drug trafficking or pedophilia networks, etc., where criminals are not simply PC or phone users, but are often specialists (or advised by them) in techniques of evasion or concealment, of erasure of traces, etc.

To close this interesting and challenging webinar season, we thought it would be interesting to talk about these issues and to discuss the role and the scope of law enforcement. Also, the problems for which they are not as effective in some cases as they would like to be. 

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