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Securing the Hosts (paranoid mode) by Arsene Laurent and Gabriel Bergel.

May 11, 2017. Join us for this webinar, when our CSAs Arsene Laurent y Gabriel Bergel will explain how to protect you against malware and exploits, as well as protection against data breach. Register now and take note!

11Paths Talks: Securing the Hosts (paranoid mode)

Network, application and even server level protections are a practice that most medium and large companies have taken on nowadays. However, in terms of security at workstations (both mobile and fixed), the picture is quite different and it is not uncommon to find computers that are poorly protected (or even totally unprotected) during security audits. The vast majority of companies have made reasonable efforts to protect themselves against malware and against the lack of security patches by automating their updates, but very few have really analyzed the risks to which an organization might be exposed due to a lack of a suitable protection.

In this webinar, we will address which are the main risks both by an external attacker and by a disgruntled employee, but above all, we will talk a lot about what are the main tools to protect a workstation of a company (or even our personal workstation).

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