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Securing Industrial Systems by Gabriel Bergel and Carlos Ávila

September 7, 2017. In this Talk, our CSAs Gabriel Bergel y Carlos Ávila, together with a special guest, showed the technologies to protect Security Industrial System. Learn with our experts!

11Paths Talks: Securing Industrial Systems

Industrial systems are an important part of any production plant or mega industries, including power, potable water or transportation generators. They evolved from pneumatic, mechanical and electrical technologies to modern digital automatic control systems, eventually incorporating known technologies such as PLC, DCS, SCADA, Open Systems, PAS, Fieldbus and others. During season 1 of webinar, we had a look at each one of these components and we talked in general about the vulnerabilities that surrounded these technologies due to the lack of protection from the point of view of computer security. At that time, we also talked about the attack surfaces that an attacker could exploit, and we learned a little more about this when in one of the webinar of season 2 we analyzed and understood how one of the most commonly used industrial protocols works.

This time, we will discuss about the issue from the perspective of protection, trying to understand how to address the issue appropriately, what things are destined to fail, and the technologies we have to protect industrial networks.

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