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Protecting the Crown Jewels… with Diego Samuel Espitia

June 2, 2016. Diego Samuel Espitia, CSA of ElevenPaths in Colombia, talks about the power of public information in this webcast. OSINT, Open Source INTelligence, is one of the protagonists of cyber-security. It allows you to obtain a large volume of information, cross-check, process and leverage it to achieve major results. The webcast also explains the basic concepts of OSINT and some tools that may be of use to you. Watch the webcast!

OpenSource Intelligence (OSINT) is an old technique that came to be long before technology. Most frequently used in military settings, it referred to looking for information, processing, analyzing and presenting it.   Nowadays, there is a lot of public information on the various communication networks. However, quantity is not the same as quality, let alone usefulness. Search engine advancements and Big Data implementations make it possible to get increasingly closer to information about people and organizations. But for this to happen, we need to find out how to select our information sources, how to process information and, lastly, how to analyze and present information correctly.

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