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Playing with Messaging Apps by Gabriel Bergel and Claudio Caracciolo.

April 20, 2017. Learn with our experts Gabriel Bergel and Claudio Caracciolo about bugs in apps as WhatsApp, Telegram and Line, current attack techniques and possible protections, together with a special guest. Make sure you're there, sign up now!

#11Paths Talks: Playing with Messaging Apps

Instant messaging tools have become part of our life. They are fundamental tools for many people around the world for their jobs, their studies, their couple’s relationships, their relationships with friends or family, etc. What’s interesting about this is that not everyone has the same perception as to the importance of the privacy of their information: while for some it’s unimportant, for others it is fundamental. For the latter, the question they always ask themselves is:

 Can we trust messaging tools in terms of privacy?

In this webinar, we will review the main instant messaging applications that are in the market from a security point of view, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Signal, etc. Also, the history of their security flaws, how they have integrated security measures to date and, above all, what is their level of security maturity, showing which attacks are potential nowadays and which ones are not.

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