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PinPay and Security in Micro Payments by Jorge Rivera and Pablo San Emeterio.

July 6, 2017. What are micro payments? How does it affect the security of the payment process? Our CSAs Jorge Rivera and Pablo San Emeterio, together with a special guest, will solve your doubts. Are you interested? Then make sure you're attending!

11Paths Talks: PinPay and Security in Micro Payments

Accept online payments anywhere”, “Be your own mobile collection office”, and many other forms of advertising to publicize the possibility of doing small transactions online with a phone in order to make payments for everyday services that are normally paid in cash. Since many times to pay small amounts with traditional credit cards is not economically justified, these new ways are beginning to be deployed by all countries in our regions, and almost all companies in the credit card industry are implementing or analyzing similar solutions that intend to include these instant transfers in the banking activity and work with them.

Some of the first solutions were based on the old and dear SMS, others in the famous virtual wallets, but there are some companies in the credit cards world that have decided to bet on cryptocoins.

This is a system that, without a doubt, gives us greater speed for small payments and free us from walking around with cash or credit cards. Its solution is mostly based on a mobile phone and, nowadays, who would leave home without its smartphone? However, the question that really matters to us is: what about security?

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