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Pentesting with the "new" FOCA by Pablo González

December 28, 2017. You have probably known and used FOCA, the most popular pentesting tool of ElevenPaths. Do you know what the difference with the new Open Source FOCA? Our expert, Pablo González, tells you about the improvements of this new version, capable of automating the detection process.

FOCA was created ten years ago and is, nowadays, one of the most downloaded pentesting tools used by developers. This new version includes, among others, a new design and an improved code.

FOCA Open Source has been developed with the aim of increasing and updating the last version. Thus, we have also managed to improve the pentesting driving audit in the search of the most common vulnerabilities.

In this Special Talk, Pablo González explains the differences between the two versions of FOCA and, in addition, details the process of installation and download of this improved tool ensuring the process of asset discovery.

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