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Out to Capture Victims by Gabriel Bergel and Arsene Laurent

June 22, 2017. Learn with our CSAs Gabriel Bergel and Arsen Laurent, together with a special guest, the evolutions of Phishing, Smishing, Vishing, Spear Phishing techniques, and prevent being victim of cybercrime. We hope you'll join us for this webcast!

#11Paths Talks: Out to Capture Victims

Today the main attack vector of cybercriminals is still (and increasingly so) the human factor, the weakest link in security. This webinar aims to talk about Social Engineering, and in particular about phishing: What is it? What are the main techniques? What is the state of the art and how can we protect ourselves?

Getting into context, here are some recent statistics:

  • 80% of attacks are due to human mistakes and not technological issues (main incident pattern according to DBIR 2016),
  • 90% of emails are spam or virus,
  • 77% of Social Engineering attacks are phishing,
  • 88% of individuals clicked on a phishing email, showing that although old, it still is a very profitable technique.

Certainly, many more topics will be approached during the webinar:

  • Evolution of phishing, smishing, vishing and spear phishing techniques.
  • SAPPO, PunyCodes, etc.
  • Why do they always work?


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