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Open Data: Much to See by Gabriel Bergel and Diego Espitia.

December 7, 2017. In this webinar, our CSAs Gabriel Bergel and Diego Espitia, together with an special guest will analyze the Open Data concept and legal implication to those who use this public information. Don’t miss out this Talk!

We are in the “age of information” and digitization, in which the expression “there is nothing hidden between heaven and earth” has been replaced by “on the Internet you can find everything”. This phenomenon has caused that data are used uncontrollably and unrestrictedly. However, OpenData are those that by definition of their authors CAN be used, reused, disclosed, and freely redistributed. In other words, they are classified as public, and therefore information generated by governments can be classified as open data, as long as they do not contain personal information or about specific individuals. In many countries, the processes of making government’s data public are related to the processes of transparency that each government tries to provide. When open data can be accessed from the Internet, they are known as open government, or e-government, but it is not the only source of information actually generated by governments.

It’s worth noticing that since all these sources of information are public, the are being used to conduct researches, and those who conduct them are sometimes reporters, other times law enforcement officers or, in some cases, even any user with a specific purpose or a special determination, with the goal of analyzing a specific event. In this webinar, we will discuss all these tips and, above all, the motivations and legal implications of those who carry out this type of research. See you there!

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