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Network Packet Manipulation, with Leonardo Huertas and a special guest.

December 15, 2016. Want to know how to create a secure internal network for the organization? We end the second season of ElevenPaths Talks with a webcast on Network Packet Manipulation, led by Leonardo Huertas, our Chief Security Ambassador in Colombia. Last call!

#11Paths Talks: Network Packet Manipulation

In the business world, the internal technological structure offers various scenarios in which a malicious user can manipulate the network traffic. If the database engines don’t have any security controls, an employee or a malicious user who enters the network might be able to access the databases and manipulate the packets received. In this talk Leonardo will show you a practical example of packet manipulation and how to access a database and the information it contains. He’ll also tell you about the mitigation measures you can implement to strengthen your internal network.

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