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Monitoring and Alert Management by Pablo San Emeterio and Diego Espitia.

October 12, 2017. This time, our CSAs Pablo San Emeterio and Diego Espitia, together with a special guest, will teach general concepts of monitoring and alert systems management, and implementation issues. Enjoy this webinar, book your seat!

#11PathsTalks: Monitoring and Alert Management by Pablo San Emeterio and Diego Espitia

According to studies carried out around the world, the implementation of incident alert and monitoring systems has reached almost 90% of large companies in the market, taking into account some limitations in each case due to the different sources of information that are intended to be correlated or analyzed.

The main objective of monitoring management is to generate incident alerts in the shortest time, with the highest precision and with the greatest amount of detail possible, so it is necessary to integrate to these systems all the sources that provide us with information about each one of the network packages or of the actions in the services that we offer and that all are synchronized in time, in order to be able to generate an advanced analysis of any incident.

In this webinar, we will focus on how these management systems should be correctly implemented, about some of the typical paradigms faced by organizations when they are implementing them, and how once they are implemented, it is necessary to improve the management every day to get effective and accurate alerts.

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