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Malware in non-traditional payment methods, with Leandro Bennaton.

October 6, 2016. Do you think unconventional payment methods are secure? In this chapter Leandro Bennaton, the ElevenPaths Chief Security Ambassador (CSA) in Brazil, will be analyzing a curious case that proves the opposite. Don't miss it!

#11Paths Talks: Malware in non-traditional payment methods

There are many well-known payment methods on the market, such as credit cards, point-of-sale devices, bank transfers, and systems like PayPal, etc., and in each case numerous studies have been carried out on their vulnerabilities or possible forms of compromise. But in certain places other payment methods are used rather than the aforementioned ones, and since they are quite alternative you might think that no one has worked out how to compromise them. Wrong! Cybercrime misses no opportunities.

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