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How to Protect myself in the Cloud?

July 5, 2018. We will look into the security issues and explain through practical demonstrations what are the main controls that we must take into account, how to implement them, and with what tools we can audit them. Press play hacker!

When the Amazon board of directors, from one of the leading providers of cloud services worldwide, says that “they only need a single security failure to stay out of the cloud business”, it clearly exemplifies the importance of security for cloud service suppliers. This concern became especially evident when vulnerabilities appeared in the Intel processors, Spectre and Meltdown; which are practically harmless for end users, but dramatic for cloud services, as losing 30% of the performance could mean bankruptcy.

For this reason, all providers have a wide and complete variety of security solutions, which include but are not limited to: access control, audit records, profiling of users and roles, levels of authorization, digital certificates, encryption and so on, with which they are able to guarantee the security of the services that we upload to the cloud.

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