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Creating national cybersecurity and cyber defense policies, with Leonardo Huertas.

July 28, 2016 .In this first chapter of the second season of ElevenPaths Talks our CSA in Colombia, Leonardo Huertas, will explain the need for countries to implement national security policies, the roles that both private and public actors play in these policies, and the interaction that must exist between governments, citizens and law enforcement agencies. Book your seat now and take part in the webcast!

#11Paths Talks: Creating national cybersecurity and cyber defense policies

Leonardo will describe the concept of cyber defense and the different aspects associated with this subject.  This talk will also explore the objectives pursued by a nation’s cyber defense strategy and the risks or aspects that impact it. Leonardo will try to provide answers to the following typical questions:

What are the fields of action or operation where cyber defense is deployed? What factors affect it? What does a country’s national cyber defense program aim to protect? What are the latest trends in cyber defense? What challenges need to be addressed?
The webcast will adopt a general approach to the situation in different countries, examining cases where national cybersecurity has been undermined, such as Estonia in May 2007 when the government’s web portals were the target of denial-of-service attacks.


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