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POS fraud, with Gabriel Bergel.

August 11, 2016. In this webcast Gabriel Bergel, our Chief Security Ambassador (CSA) in Chile, will talk about a highly topical issue: the inherent risks of point-of-sale devices and everything they entail. Press Play and join in the talk!

#11Paths Talks: POS fraud

The (in)security of point-of-sale (POS) devices for credit and debit cards is a problem that affects everyone, although most of us can’t do anything about it. Even so, it is important to increase personal and public awareness about the risks involved so that we can “claim” better implementations from the market. In this third chapter of ElevenPaths Talks Gabriel Bergel will therefore discuss the following issues: relevant international security regulations, the most common types of fraud in Latin America (mainly, tampering with POS), organized crime (how it is structured and who is involved), the countermeasures implemented, EMV chip payment transactions and the main vulnerabilities, and the current contactless trend using NFC and the minimal security of the protocol.