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Fog / Edge / Cloudlet Computing by Carlos Ávila and Claudio Caracciolo

September 21, 2017. Will Fog, Edge and Cloudlet Computing, be something that makes a difference in IoT? In this webinar, our CSAs Carlos Ávila and Claudio Caracciolo, together with a special guest, will discuss this concepts. Learn from the experts!

#11Paths: Fog / Edge / Cloudlet Computing

Many times in the industry we have seen names that sound good for marketing, but which technologically do not represent anything different or new. The terms Fog Computing (maybe first implemented by Cisco System, who in turn, with other companies like Dell, Intel Microsoft, Princeton University and ARM Holdings, in 2015 founded OpenFog Consortium) or Edge Computing (and even Cloudlet Computing), are gradually becoming better known. Are we again in the presence of witty marketing names or will it really be something that makes a difference in the world of the IoT?

Surely, this is a question we analyzed and will try to answer in the webinar. However, taking into account what we like, we must also analyze these new concepts from a security perspective, in order to understand their technical and legal implications.

A must-see webinar for those who want to learn new things.

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