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Biometric signatures in healthcare with Rames Sarwat

March 17, 2016. "Public and private healthcare face the same challenges: improving patient care, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. In the first chapter of the ElevenPaths Talks, Rames Sarwat explains how to eliminate the use of paper when signing informed consent forms and how to increase automation in healthcare with biometric signatures. With this method, all users can create handwritten digital signatures on tablets simply and securely. Records are archived, certified and sealed in real time and the signee's calligraphic traits, speed details and pressure are taken into account. Watch the video now!

Handwritten biometric signatures make it possible to eliminate the use of paper when signing informed consent forms and other documents in healthcare centers. This technology offers legal security and major automation while removing the need for handling paper.

As a consequence, paper-elimination strategies can be implemented in healthcare centers, especially with regard to signing informed consent forms. In increasingly higher numbers, these documents generate the highest paper volume in healthcare centers and must be placed under custody as part of the patient’s medical history.

Additionally, handwritten biometric signatures can be used for other purposes in healthcare settings such as signing employment agreements or signing personal data transfer documents.

Patients only need to sign on a signature capture device with a touchscreen and a digital ink pen. This device will convert the handwritten signature into a biometric system by capturing certain parameters such as the position, speed, acceleration and pressure applied at every point of the signature. These parameters are captured, unequivocally linked to the document and encrypted to ensure the custody of electronic evidence in the eventuality of legal proceedings. The result is a valid piece of electronic evidence.

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