ElevenPaths Talks


Internal structure of a CSIRT (Part 2), with Leonardo Huertas

September 22, 2016. In this chapter of the ElevenPaths Talks, Leonardo Huertas, our CSA in Colombia, will discuss the issues and challenges facing Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT), the benefits of developing this type of team, and other important aspects. Take note!

#11Paths Talks: Internal structure of a CSIRT (Part 2)

Governments have acknowledged the need to develop and implement the capacity to respond to cybersecurity incidents. In some cases, they have issued guidelines and other regulatory requirements regarding the creation of these capacities and the presentation of annual reports on information security (e.g. the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 in the USA).

This webcast will therefore review the basic steps you must follow when implementing a CSIRT, as well as the topics and tasks that must be addressed when planning and integrating a team of this type. Chapter 9 picks up from where the webcast in the first season, entitled “Computer Security Incident Response Team”, left off. We will also describe the internal aspects required to create a CSIRT and/or CERT, whether for a particular sector or a nation.

Specifically, the aspects addressed will include:

  • Staff profiles
  • Technological infrastructure
  • Software required
  • Interrelationships with other organizations
  • Etc.

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