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Differences between NOC, SOC and CyberSOC by Pablo San Emeterio and Gabriel Bergel.

July 20, 2017. What are the differences between the NOC, SOC and CyberSOC? ¿What are their functions and objectives? What to assess in a SOC and a CyberSOC? Our CSAs Pablo San Emeterio and Gabriel Bergel, together with a special guest, will solve this questions in this webinar. Don’t miss out this Talk!

#11Paths: Differences between NOC, SOC and CyberSOC

Network Operations Centers (NOCs), mostly known because they are a fairly common service today, are usually based on facilities with large screens or video walls with workstations for operators and analysts, meeting rooms, coffee rooms, break rooms… In short, an area suitable for continuous monitoring (5 days a week for 8 hours a day, 5X8, or seven days a week for 24 hours a day, 7X24) of the activity in telecommunication networks, service systems, TV broadcasts, etc. The main goal is mainly to monitor the “availability” of networks and services.

Perhaps the SOCs (Security Operation Centers) are not so well-known within the operation areas, and while their physical aspect may be very similar to NOCs, their goals are quite different, mainly because they are oriented to protect the Security (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) of networks and services. They must be able to detect any malicious activity present in the network through sensors installed in different platforms, they must inform, manage and respond to different alarms…

But in the family of operations, there is one more brother, known as CyberSOC or also as Advanced SOC. In this webinar, we will explain the general concepts and the main differences between these “three brothers”, analyzing not only their objectives and functions, but also their organization and the tools they need to function and deliver value-added services. We also saw what is expected of each of them as a client, and can we improve as a company that contracts these services.

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