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Detecting threats with intelligent (Threat Intelligent)

September 6, 2018. In this webinar we are going to focus into the concept of Threat Intelligent, which tools are used, the methodology and colaborations levels, and more. If you want to be threat detection expert, don’t miss out this #11PathsTalks.

Threat Intelligent concept is often very controversial in the security market. It creates confusión in how it is defined, what it specifically encompasses, what is the relation with Indicators of Commitment (IoC), to name but a few. In this session, we are going to explain who the relevant actors are, wich tools they use, what formats and standards are the most common, what methodologies and levels of collaboration they use, if is necessary to need a public organizations, and if is posible to cooperate with them from a private environment.

For this reason, all providers have a wide and complete variety of security solutions, which include but are not limited to: access control, audit records, profiling of users and roles, levels of authorization, digital certificates, encryption and so on, with which they are able to guarantee the security of the services that we upload to the cloud.

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