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Defensive Security vs. Offensive Security by Claudio Caracciolo and Jorge Rivera.

August 10, 2017. In this Talk our experts Claudio Caracciolo and Jorge Rivera will analyze the pros and cons of Defensive Security and Offensive Security. Enjoy the webinar!

#11PathsTalks: Defensive Security vs. Offensive Security

In recent years, the discussion as to whether the security of a company should be based on pure defensive techniques or whether it should evolve to offensive techniques has taken a lot of debate time and several posts in many famous blogs related to this topic, however: has the question been answered? Far from it, we continue to see that fanaticism exists at both ends and in this webinar we want to work on this idea in order to allow our followers to analyze with us the advantages and disadvantages of both ways, and we also want to suggest scenarios of coexistence within the same company with the same goal: to protect the information assets of the company.

Opening the mind to new ideas to find solutions is a real challenge that we must go through if we want to achieve better results in our work to protect our companies, and that being so, a good way could be to take the best points of each technique and try to innovate in deep-defense methodologies that we can implement. But is it possible?

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