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Defense in depth with Claudio Caracciolo.

May 12, 2016. We have heard about onion-layer security for a long time. But what are these layers? Can they really be implemented? With our expert Claudio Caracciolo, CSA of ElevenPaths in Argentina, find out about the best way of designing a defense-in-depth strategy depending on the company's size and investment. Watch the video now!

All of us who have worked in Offensive Security for a long time often think that defense systems and strategies may be insignificant in the face of the right exploit. However, when we talk about a defense-in-depth strategy things are a bit different. Mostly, this is due to the fact that you not only need an exploit, you also need an attack strategy.

In any team sports, such as football or volleyball, defense is not only about placing the defending players, it is also about designing a strategy that allows the entire team to attack and defend in a coordinated fashion. The whole team, rather than only the defenders, will watch out for an attack. Everybody is thinking about ways to help.  

This is no different in a company: appropriate defense is not just about the information security areas. It’s not only about the investment in security. It’s also about all employees and how the organization chooses to face each situation.

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