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Data Access Control and De-Duplication in Cloud Computing by Diego Espitia and Jorge Rivera.

March 23, 2017. What is De-Duplication? What is its utility in Cloud Computing? Our experts Diego Espitia and Jorge Rivera with a special guest answered all your questions about this topic. Check out this interesting chapter!

#11Paths Talks: Data Access Control and De-Duplication in Cloud Computing

At present, the tendency of organizations of all sizes and of all industries is to bring information to cloud computing for its benefits of availability, mobility, and recovery after a disaster. However, the amount of information that is stored in DataCenters is very high, so it is necessary to implement measures that manage to conduct the storage in a more efficient way.

The use of the De-Duplication technique has made it possible to reduce the bandwidth required for the backups and the disk space required for their storage, which results in a mechanism that increases the speed and efficiency in the migration of the information to cloud computing.

Both cloud computing and storage techniques allow us to ensure the availability of the information. However, it is vital for organizations to implement mechanisms to ensure integrity and confidentiality, and for this purpose, one of the most developed mechanisms are access controls. In view of all this, and because of what it means from the point of view of information security, during this webinar we discussed how the security levels required by companies that rely on these services are guaranteed (or should be guaranteed).


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