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Cryptography, Cryptocoins and Suchlike by Jorge Rivera and Rames Sarwat.

May 25, 2017. Our experts Rames Sarwat and Jorge Rivera, together with a special guest, will talk about solutions as Trusted PKI for IoT, cryptocoins and Blockchain, and the latter is being used by multiple sector for uses that we would never have imagined. Do not miss this webinar!

11Paths Talks: Cryptography, Cryptocoins and Suchlike

In recent years, we have seen the importance of protecting the confidentiality of the information that travels the Internet. Information encryption allows us to protect information when it’s lying stored on a computer or device, when it’s in transit or traveling through the network, or when it’s being processed by applications and algorithms.

 Encryption algorithms have been around for centuries, but in the 1970s a new type of encryption appeared, asymmetric encryption, which together with traditional symmetric encryption are now the basis of communications through PKI or public-key infrastructures. These infrastructures produce digital certificates that help us to authenticate, sign and encrypt information. The huge multiplication of devices expected by the appearance of IoT devices is going to stress out this type of solutions and, in some cases, it will force to look for alternative solutions.

The application of asymmetric cryptography has allowed the emergence of cryptocoins, BitCoin being the most popular of them. Cryptocoins are based on distributed infrastructures such as the Blockchain, that is called to redefine the model of certain businesses like the banking business when providing functions of immutable public registry at very low cost.

During this webinar, we will debate solutions like Trusted PKI for IoT, Cryptocoins and Blockchain, and how the latter is being used by multiple sectors, including the military, for uses that we would never have imagined. If you are passionate about security, and especially cryptography and its applications, you cannot miss this interesting webinar!

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