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Breaking Applications by Pablo San Emeterio and Diego Espitia.

April 6, 2017. In this Talk our CSAs Pablo San Emeterio and Diego Espitia will discuss about vulnerabilities, insecurity in applications and identity protection, together with a special guest. Enjoy the webinar!

In today’s digital world, we do most of our daily tasks through apps. Actions such as requesting transportation, booking a restaurant, buying clothes, getting food, chatting with friends, saving memories, among many others, are currently carried out with the apps in our mobile devices, exposing our identity and privacy security.

It is imperative for security analysts and companies to understand how applications should be secured with development methodologies, performance testing and reverse engineering analysis in order to detect and counteract potential security breaches in applications.

In this webinar, we will discuss the mechanisms of apps’ analysis and understand how cybercriminals can take advantage of the breaches detected. We will share clear information on the requirements and tests that one should run when a business application is going on the market.

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