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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by Diego Espitia and Rames Sarwat.

August 24, 2017. Our experts Diego Espitia and Rames Sarwat with a special guest will talk about innovation in AI and Machine Learning applied to Security. Don’t miss out this webinar, so book your seat now!

#11PathsTalks: Inteligencia Artificial y Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has been developing and perfecting automatic learning processes for several years. It has been able to place practical applications on the market that always maintain a high level of associated innovation, and which are not the traditional robots that we see in science-fiction movies. But it is also true that in this last term quite a lot of work has been put into the concept called Machine Learning, based on giving computers the ability to learn without the explicit requirements of programming. Based on neural network schemes, they imitate the functioning of the human brain using computational units to determine behaviors or to generate information processing without the need of a specific program.

The application of these technologies in information security habits is generally very well received and analyzed, as they allow the use of disruptive tools to solve enormous challenges, having to guarantee an effective replacement of tasks that are currently based on the decisions or logic expressed by a person based on their prior knowledge. Is this bringing us closer to the concept of Skynet? How far are we from what is predicted in American movies?

Perhaps understanding and knowing specific projects will allow us to answer these questions, and that is why we will go into this points for this webinar, looking for specific answers from our perspective: information security.

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