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A Bit about DDoS and the Tools to Stop Attacks

12th April 2018. Denial of service attacks continue to be a constant concern for any public entity, as well as for a business organization whose business processes are supported in the network. During this ElevenPaths Talks, we will discuss the attack techniques and defense strategies that we use. Don't miss out!

11Paths Talks: A Bit about DDoS and the Tools to Stop Attacks

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1st of March, the most powerful attack to date occurred, reaching approximately 1.35 Terabytes per second against the Github servers exploiting a vulnerability on more than 100,000 memcache servers. The good news is that Github was successful in the attack, being only a few minutes inoperative.

In this webinar we will discuss the attack techniques, but, above all, their corresponding defense strategies from a practical perspective. Supported by different tools both Opensource which is available to any researcher with a concern to broaden this exciting field of security and also services that can be contracted to different providers with much more powerful response capabilities. The objective of this #11PathsTalks is to continue learning and see practical demos of each case, reinforcing what we had seen last season with Arsene Laurent and Claudio Caracciolo at the talk “Under Attacked Network”.

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