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'UAC-A-Mola', a Framework for Research, Detect and Mitigate UAC Bypasses by Pablo González and Santiago Hernández

June 20, 2018. In this session, our experts explain about UAC-A-MOLA tool. It is an UAC bypass and we can use it to research, detect, exploit and mitigate these types of security issues that affects the latest Windows operating systems. Put your knowledge on test! connect to the talk!

In the first part of this Code Talks for Devs, we are going to introduce UAC-A-MOLA tool. We will talk about the framework architecture and how easy is to build a module that can be adapted to our needs even if you barely know how to program. We will review the source code, highlighting the most important parts of it. Then, in the second part of the talk, we will show the practical form of the tool, from the exploitation of this kind of security issues in the latest Windows Systems, to the researching process to detect or mitigate them in your own personal computer.

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