ElevenPaths Talks Code for Devs


'LiLaS', a Project to Protect Data Networks by Santiago Hernández

August 22, 2018. In this Code Talks for Devs, Santiago will talk about a tool called LiLaS. It allow us to select the traffic that goes through our network at protocol level using Latch. Connect to the talk!

We will also discover how we can use the Latch webhooks to provide a mechanism of auto-initialization where a device is listening over a network and it inserts each one of the protocols that moves around it for regulate them automatically.

Furthermore, we will explain all the technologies that make the network packets sniffing possible in real time, as well as the ability to block specific network protocols through removing all the packets that make it up. Finally, we will show some more advanced techniques of network automatic regulation using compromise indicators. With this technique, the tool is able to determine potentially dangerous states by itself and to block specific network protocols.

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