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'Joomla' in Paranoid Mode by Mateo González Fernández

November 21, 2018. In this last #CodeTalks4Devs, we will talk about the second authentication factors for the security of your devices. Don´t miss out!

Although there is not a way to fully secure a website, because absolute security does not exist, it is possible to take the necessary measures to minimize the attack vectors. Security measures like strong passwords, periodic backups, a correct assignment of rights, etc. are well known, but a potentially attacker could already know the credentials and perform any action on the website.

It is due to this fact that Joomla Paranoid Mode (JPM) makes sense. JPM is based on a 2FA like Latch. It allows for an extra protection layer, and besides the password to access the system, this access is controlled through the mobile Latch app. The 2FA can be the difference between being a victim of a cybercriminal and being protected.

This project moves a step forward in the protection of the database of a Joomla system, as Latch allows the portability of any new account between devices, instead the 2FA by SMS.

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