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Introducing SMS Stack into the IoT world by Fran Ramirez

20 November, 2019. In this #CodeTalks4Devs the expert shows us a practical application of Stack SMS to control the GPIO ports of a Raspberry Pi.

#CodeTalks4Devs: Introducing SMS Stack into the IoT world by Fran Ramirez

Do you know StackSMS? It is an architecture that we have developed from the ElevenPaths team, including its own SDK, which allows the implementation of a communications protocol capable of using the GSM network (Global System for Mobile Communications) and, specifically, SMS messages. This will allow us to have connectivity when the Internet connection is not present, but also offers us a new channel to communicate with any device without having to rely on regular communications over the Internet.  

By applying StackSMS to control the GPIO ports (a generic pin on a chip, whose behavior can be controlled by the user at runtime) of a Raspberry Pi. Using the SDK for Python of StackSMS we are going to implement some programs that perform different functions, including access to the GPIO, as well as any other management we want to do on the Raspberry Pi. As you can see, SMS is not dead. Long live SMS!

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