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iBombShell: pentesting anywhere, by Pablo González Pérez

20 March, 2019. If you are a pentester, this #CodeTalks4Devs is for you. We will show how to make available pentesting functionalities on any machine having PowerShell thanks to our free tool iBombShell.

#CodeTalks4Devs: iBombShell: pentesting anywhere, by Pablo González Pérez

iBombShell is one of our pentesting tolls that makes available pentesting functionalities on any machine having PowerShell. This open-source tool was made public over the BlackHat Europe 2018. Moreover, it is specialized in post-exploitation, so providing the pentester with functionalities to get the most out of this phase.

Over this talk we will learn what iBombShell is, its execution modes and how it is developed. The project has two execution modes and PowerShell and Python code, combining then the best of both worlds. Over the webinar it will be shown as well how new functionalities can be created, understanding at the same time the code implemented by iBombShell. Join it and learn how the potential of this kind of tools works. Come on! Take part in the iBombShell open-source project!

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