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CyberSecurity Shot


Investigation reports on network information leakage.

Discover with our analyst team all details about the latest data leaks cases and some recommendations that could have prevented it. Each comes with a real case. Are you going to miss it?

When preparing CyberSecurity Shots, the analysts use monitoring tools that get information from open source and other web sites, they also apply analysis methodologies to anticipate potential threats. Therefore, the work they carry out involves interpretation of leaked information in order to provide with the most exact approximation on implications of the recent security and high-impact breaches, as well as their consequences for individuals and companies from different sectors.

To define the leak’s impact level, they take into account the affected technology assets and analyze the sensitivity of the disclosed information. It's the nature of compromised services, put in the special context of each information leakage, which serves to define the scope and its potential fraudulent uses. Claims evaluation made about the incident and its identified documentary information is used to complete the information available about its authorship and the underlying motivation of suspected culprits.

Jun 2016

Investigation report “MUPOL data leakage”

La información filtrada en el caso de MUPOL (Mutualidad de Provisión Social de la Policía) era un archivo de texto que contenía 5445 líneas con información de carácter personal y las credenciales de acceso a la plataforma. ¡Descubre el resto

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May 2016

Investigation report “AEDyR Information Leak”

Learn first-hand from our analysts about the new security breach happened on April 7 in the Spanish Desalination and Reutilization Association. Download the full report on the AEDyR case!

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