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Investigation reports on Cyberidentities on the Internet

The accomplishment of attribution exercises carried out through the Internet is a notorious difficulty in cybersecurity industry. Certain identities tend to maintain operations security to a minimum in order to thwart the research process.

Learn from our intelligence analysts the applied methods to discover operations that could be interesting for security community.

When preparing CyberSecurity Avatar, the analysts use monitoring tools that get information from open source and other web sites, they also apply analysis methodologies to anticipate potential threats. Therefore, the work they carry out involves interpretation of profiles' information in order to provide with the most exact approximation of the recent activity in the network and high-impact of her attacks, as well as their consequences for individuals and companies from different sectors.

Nov 2017

Investigation report on the cyber identity “Maksim”

Our team of analysts have identified a new threat actor called Maksim that develops malware for Android devices. It has been attributed with the distribution of numerous malicious applications through various websites for purely economic purposes. Download the report!

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Apr 2017

Mar 2017

Dec 2016

Nov 2016

Research report on the cyber identity “New World Hackers”

ElevenPaths’ analyst team carried out a research on the New World Hackers cyber identity, the group that attributed to the recent attack Ddos that affected Twitter, Spotify and Netflix. Discover more information in our report!

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Oct 2016

Sep 2016

Investigation report on “Lizard Squad” cyber identity

ElevenPaths’ analysts team has been following the track of the Lizard Squad cyber identity that has been responsible for attacks such as those committed on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in December 2014. Download this research!

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Jun 2016

Investigation report on “Peace_of_mind” cyber identity

Our intelligence analysts found out the profile of peace_of_mind on the marketplace platform TheRealDeal. This cyber identity is responsible for the new cyber crime case in the Tor network. Download the report

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