New report on “Vulnerability trends of the first half of 2016″

New report on “Vulnerability trends of the first half of 2016″

ElevenPaths’ analyst team updates you on vulnerability trends. Don’t miss out on this new research report where you will find the analysis corresponding to the first six months of 2016. Download the full report here!

Do you know that there was an increase in the percentage of the category of Configuration Errors (+21.97%), together with the fall in the leakage of information in metadata (-13.73%), with respect to the total number of vulnerabilities in comparison with the 2014-2015 period?

These are some of the conclusions reached from the research:

  • There exists a lack of care in the management of information which is accessible via the internet.
  • Most of the errors can be put down to poor practices by system administrators.
  • Injection of commands and XSS remain a serious problem affecting the development of the software of companies and third parties.

Our experts recommend to focus on errors due to Improper Input Validation and Permissions, Privileges and Access Controls.

» Download the full report “Vulnerability trends of the first half of 2016

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