Report “Cyberextortion, a Growing Industry”

Report “Cyberextortion, a Growing Industry”

Download the new report that discover there is an increasing tendency towards aggression in numerous cyber-attacks, notably those using some method of extortion in particular.

ElevenPaths’ Analyst team discover how to protect from this growing industry.

Some details about the report: 

  • Extortion via DDoS attacks is being firmly established. The modus operandi of the DD4BC group could give rise to more attackers impersonating them without the need for a great infrastructure and extensive technical knowledge.
  • Security breaches are assuming a way of extortion based on the sensitivity of filtered information. Currently, two ways are being opted to monetise the attacks, either to sell the database or to extort it directly to users.
  • A growing trend is sexual extortion, also known as sextortion. However, what worries Security Authorities and Bodies the most is the live streaming of child abuse due to the difficulty to detect and investigate it since criminals tend not to store a copy of the material.
  • Since 2015, the threat of ransomware has increased by 165%. However, a growth is expected, driven by an increased use of the cloud, POS and the Internet of Things.

Given the threat of different kinds of extortion on the web, our analyst team propose a series of recommendations for different security providers in order to reduce technical constraints in allocation exercises when confronted with extortion on the network.

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