New report “Cyber-insurance: cyber risk transfer in Spain”.

New report “Cyber-insurance: cyber risk transfer in Spain”.

Download the new report “Cyber-Insurance: the cyber risk transfer in Spain“.
ElevenPaths, along with THIBER and some of the most important companies in technology, insurance and consulting sectors, took part in the production of the first study document on cyber risks transfer through the cyber policies in Spain.

AIGAONK2 INTELLIGENCEMARSHMINSAIT and TELEFÓNICA, in collaboration of INSTITUTO DE EMPRESA, are working together with THIBER, to develop an overview of the cyber-insurance situation in Spain. The result of the study serves as a reference and guide for organizations of all kinds, both SMEs and large companies, combining the mitigation and transfer strategies.

The new threats related to the digital environment, the interconnectivity and the digitization of the Spanish business network prove the need for paradigm shift. The cyber security and risk consultancy providers, the public administration, the insurance sector itself, as well as the rest of the business sector should advocate the cyber incidents integral management, which according to data from INCIBE, increased 180 percent in Spain in 2015 alone.

Thus, there must be a continuous collaboration between the emergency departments of insurance companies, specialized technology companies and ICT departments of insured companies. For that, it will be essential to have a document that would serve as a based on analysis up-to-date tool, and, at the same time, would gather up common work proposals. This is where this new report will become the reference document for the immediate future.

» Download the first study on “Cyber-insurance: the cyber risk transfer in Spain”.