RansomCloud O365 report

RansomCloud O365 report

Discover how could be the new generation of Ransomware and protect yourself in time.

Today, the world of ransomware has become a profitable business for the world of cybercrime, from which individuals and organizations are extorted in a simple but lucrative way: encrypting files by infecting the computers and then demanding money for the decryption keys. This scheme we have seen it exploited through spam campaigns, infections Exploit kits or the use of binary infected P2P networks. On the other hand, in the world of e-mail services, many organizations have begun to use public cloud schemes to offer service to this, based on popular platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 or Gmail. On these platforms, the ability to integrate related applications allows an attacker to gain access to email without obtaining the user name and password, and bypassing the 2nd Factor Authentication systems. Getting together spam attacks, with the creation of a malicious app created for Office 365 or Gmail platforms, you can build an effective ransomware specially designed for these services. In this article we explain the operation of O365 RansomCloud , a ransomware specially designed to attack Microsoft Office 365 platforms.

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