Investigation report on “Peace_of_mind” cyber identity

Investigation report on “Peace_of_mind” cyber identity

Our intelligence analysts found out the profile of peace_of_mind on the marketplace platform TheRealDeal. This cyber identity is responsible for the new cyber crime case in the Tor network. Download the report

Cyber identity peace_of_mind (also Peace and responsible for the sale of LinkedIn, Myspace, Tumblr and Vk databases, among others, also corresponds to the group connected to the sale of exploit kits on the Tor network. Another identifier potentially connected to this group is the Jabber account

The method used to spread the compromised databases is based on their promotion via the bitcoin marketplace platform TheRealDeal, which is solely accessible via a hidden service in Tor and which has made at least 59 sales at a value of at least 58,5264 BTC (40,617 dollars, by conversion). Likewise, the alleged perpetrators use different Jabber servers are contact points for instant messaging, in addition to offering the possibility to use PGP for encrypted communication.

Discover together with our intelligence analysts the true cyber identity of “Peace_of_mind”.

» Download the full report “CyberSecurity Avatar: peace_of_mind